Coir soil coir fibers humus brick coir fiber for microgreens cultivation.
The brick is made of natural coconut fibers. This is a viable solution for growing your microgreens.

The humus brick swells in combination with water to approximately 8 liters of usable plant soil. The warmer the swelling water, the more volume is created.

Most people choose humus brick coconut fiber for growing microgreens because it is an organic medium. Who doesn't love organically grown microgreens? 

The plant root ball does not harden from watering, so more oxygen gets to the roots and you achieve better root aeration.
Coco soil coco fiber humus brick coco fiber for microgreens cultivation are non-perishable, very long shelf life, unfertilized, free of stones and indigestible components and easy to use.

Item ID 1989
Condition New
Age rating No age restriction
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Content 1 piece
Weight 655 g
Net weight 650 g
Dimensions 205×10×6mm

Coconut soil humus brick standard 8 liters especially for microgreen cultivation

Coconut soil humus brick especially for microgreen cultivation The brick is made of natural coconut fibers. This is a viable solution for growing your microgreens.

Item number 908301

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