Green peas - organic seeds for microgreens - small green nutrient miracle

Peas are dark germs. So best to cover the first 2 to 3 days. The seedlings of the peas may also be colder, thereby growing better (more compact)

Microgreens Peas have a high content of vegetable proteins (25%, with all 8 essential amino acids), are high in fiber and contain many different vitamins and

They have a mild, slightly spicy Armoa - have the taste of fresh sugar peas

it is best to rinse the seeds thoroughly with clear water before sowing. Germination can be accelerated by soaking the seeds for 8 to 12 hours beforehand.
Then spread the peas green organic seeds tightly, but not on top of each other. Spray the soil well with a pressure spray bottle

3-4 days at 18-20 ° C - peas are dark germs

Large seeds such as peas should be weighed down with additional weight. This ensures even germination and good rooting.

growth is encouraged by a bright location

harvest after 10-14 days - it is best to use a sharp knife or scissors to harvest

With the small seedlings, many dishes can be refined in terms of taste and appearance. Use the green peas - organic seeds for microgreens as a healthy decoration on any food, be it in salads, with Asian vegetable dishes, as a garnish with meat, as a topper, mixed in smoothies ... there are no limits to your imagination.

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Green peas - organic germ seed

Green peas - organic germ seed Peas Green - Grow organic seeds for microgreens at home all year round The seedlings carry the concentrated energy that the plant needs to grow up

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