Kohlrabi Red - Organic Seeds for Microgreens - Superfood Power in small format

Kohlrabi Microgreens are an excellent variety for beginners who want to plant, grow and harvest.

The taste of kohlrabi is similar to sweet, mild cabbage

Kohlrabi Microgreens are highly nutritious and contain over 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. 
It is also rich in vitamin B6, folic acid (B9), thiamine (B1), potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

Kohlrabi - Organic Seeds for Microgreens are, like almost every microgreen, excellent for egg dishes, raw in salads, on bread, for juicing, with fruit or simply as decoration on dishes.

Kohlrabi Red seeds germinate quickly without soaking.
The kohlrabi seeds are then scattered densely. Spray the soil well with a pressure spray bottle and cover for 1 to 3 days

1-3 days at 18-20 °C - water the sprouts twice a day with fresh water

germination and growth are encouraged by a bright location, either in the sun or under light

harvest after 7-14 days - ideally when the second pair of leaves starts to develop, use a sharp knife or scissors for harvesting

the kohlrabi-organic seeds can be eaten in salads, dips, soups or on sandwiches. 


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Kohlrabi Red Cardinal - Organic seeds for microgreens

Kohlrabi Red Cardinal - Organic seeds for microgreens They are highly nutritious and contain over 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C Kohlrabi seeds germinate quickly even without soaking.

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