Healthy Mix- Organic Seeds for Microgreens - three delicious varieties combined.

Organic seed red lentils - due to their high content of high quality carbohydrates and protein (25%) lentils have a high nutritional value and are therefore not only in India
but also in many other countries of the world an important staple food.
They are rich in fiber and also provide a variety of important B vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, minerals, especially iron. Due to the high fiber content, lentils have a low glycemic index (GLYX). Organic Microgreens Red Lentils have positive effects in terms of blood sugar and cholesterol regulation, have a supporting effect on digestion.

Organic seeds chickpeas - contain complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and C , abundant iron and magnesium and zinc. Just like the red lentils baby plants, chickpeas lower blood sugar levels and promote digestion, and in addition strengthen bones and nerves.

Organic seed soybean - have a high content of essential amino acids, the proportions of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, vitamin E and many more are also very high. It is hard to believe, but these baby plants also contain little fat and 60% of high-quality carbohydrates. In addition, they also have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

This mix is a super booster for your immune system


best to rinse the seeds thoroughly with clean water before sowing. You can accelerate germination by soaking the seeds for about 8 hours beforehand.
The Healthy Mix Bio seeds then spread densely , but not lying on top of each other . Spray the soil well with a pressure spray bottle.  

3-5 days at 18-20 °C

germination and growth are promoted by a bright location , either place them in the sun or under lights

harvest after 10-15 days - ideally when the second pair of leaves starts to develop , for harvesting it is best to use a sharp knife or scissors

with the small baby plants many dishes can be refined in taste and appearance. Use microgreens as a healthy decoration on any dish, be it in a salad, on a sandwich
on sandwiches, as a garnish to meat, addition to wraps, preparation in casseroles, mixed in smoothies... There are no limits to your imagination.

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Healthy Mix - Organic Seeds for Microgreens

Healthy Mix- Organic Seeds for Microgreens good for health, mind and soul Anti-stress nutrition

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